Identify. Attract. Convert. 
It's time to Get Clear & Get Paid!
FULLY Customized 
Ideal Client Avatar Profile & Brand Messaging Report! 
Get the FULL psychological profile of your ideal paying customers and clients, learn the language you should be using to attract them, and what products & services you should be "feeding" them. When you know Who you are, Who you serve, and Where you fit in the're better equipped to speak the language that connects their 
REAL Problems to your REAL Solutions! 
* We respect your privacy, it  will not be sold, rented, leased, or leaked! *
With This Report You Will Discover...

It's Not You, It's Them! 

How to get in the minds of your target audience and learn exactly what they need, and build it! No more throwing darts in the dark!
You have a sales funnel full of vegans, no wonder they aren't buying your steaks! You've been attracting the wrong leads to your offers.  STOP doing that! 
Exactly what your audience needs, what's keeping them from getting what they need, and the language to use to connect with them. 
You've been working hard exhausting precious time, effort, and money learning how to build a business...but you don't have a clue who it serves!
This is an in-debt process, so if you are not prepared to make a radical shift to do something different in order to move the needle forward in your business, don't waste any more of your time. It doesn't matter if you've been in business 1 year or 10 years...growth requires some stretching. During this process, that's exactly what we will do, TOGETHER! 
I'm Ready to Start 
Attracting my Target Audience...Now!
  • Identify my profitable niche.
  • Identify the #1 problem I solve in the market. 
  • Discover the segment of the market that needs my solutions.
  • Learn their behavior, their pain-points, and challenges.
  • Communicate with them in a way that connects on an emotional level.
  • Attract. Nurture. Convert. In that order! 
So What's Included in The Ideal Client Avatar Report?
  •  90min Information Gathering Clarity Session  
  • ​Your Brand's Mission & Vision Statement
  • ​Personalized quotes relevant to your brand
  • ​Complete Psychological profile of your target audience (the one's that will BUY from you)
  • ​Discussion topics to connect with your audience ​via live video and/or masterclass
  • Personalized original quotes to position your brand as the authority in your market
  • ​Product Development/Creation timeline
  • ​Social Media Marketing Message

Once I gather the relevant details about your business, it's time for me to do my MAGIC so I can deliver you a product that's not only well crafted, but a product that answers the following questions for you and for the world:


You will NEVER again stumble to answer these questions, because now...your brand has an Identity, and you know who your audience is INSIDE AND OUT!

If you are READY to get CLEAR so you can get PAID, click the link below and let's get it started!

Meet the Copy Chief!

Develda Edgington

Develda helps her client gain clarity right from the start by understanding the psychological profile of their target audience, so they can create relevant content that inspires, and influences their audience to take radical action. As a result, her clients are able to create a movement around their brands, one worth following!
Develda started Write to Influence Online because she saw so many business owners struggling to navigate the noisy online space, they simply didn’t understand how get in the mind of their ideal customers, and ethically “pick their pocket” by offering REAL solutions to REAL problems. She realized, EVERY business needed a Brand Identity & Messaging Report!

“Telling the story of your brand with Clear, Concise, and Consistent content…that’s the future of marketing”! 
-Develda Edgington
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